About Dr. William Powers
Backed by more than 35 years of experience, Dr. William H. Powers is exceptionally intuitive (some would say psychic).  He has the unique ability to understand your problems without you having to explain them.  An adept herbalist, who has spent many years studying natural healing techniques across the 5 continents. He has help several clients emotionally as well as physically, as they battled chronic diseases such as cancer and HIV.  This combined with his immense professional experience as psychologist, like a surgeon, he cuts straight to the mental, emotional and/or physical challenges that has been troubling you.
These unique skillsets allows Dr. Powers, within the first session(s), to quickly layout strategies in conjunction with personalized recordings that the client can continuously reference as they process their challenges with or without his direct guidance. 

Spiritually Diverse
A spiritual academic in the highest sense, Dr. Powers’ religious adeptness gives him the ability to correlate therapy in terms of various beliefs including Christian, Buddhism, Hinduism and New Age spiritual precepts.

Professional Experience
• Workshop Educator 1972 – 1979
• Instructor/Assistant Professor, MSU Counselling Center, 1975 – 1978
• Counseling Psychologist, Private Practice, 1978 – Present

• BA in Telecommunications, Michigan State University, 1972
• MA in Urban Counseling, Michigan State University, 1973
• PhD in Counseling Psychology, Michigan State University, 1976

Dr. Powers has more than 35 years of experience in both private, couple, and group counseling. His clients hail from all ethnic and social economical backgrounds. Issues he addresses include:
• Hell State Management
• Grief, Loss, & Bereavement
• Relationships & Marriage Counseling
• Parent/Child Management Counseling
• Family Issues
• Self-Esteem, Identity and Sexulity
• Spirituality
• Self-Harm & Suicide
• Crisis Management Counseling
• Abuse: Emotional, Physical, or Sexual
• Spiritual Guidance & Enhancement
• Career Strategies & Coaching
• Stress & Life Changes
• Depression & Mood

Contact Dr. Powers at drpowerspodcast@gmail.com for private session inqueries

Dr. Powers Podcast provides conceptual insight & teachings to guide you through various spiritual, religious, emotional, physical and intellectual challenges during troubled times.